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Let’s Talk About Sex

My name is Julia. I’m 30, Canadian, and have a post-grad diploma in Sexuality, Marriage & Family. I try to post once/week, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. I like working with teens and adults who have the pleasure of regularly interacting with teens.

Having people to talk about sex with is super important. Many of us feel so uncomfortable asking questions and having discussions because we are scared of the reaction(s) we will get and how we will feel: surprise, shock, embarrassed. I wish that, as a teenager, I had someone in my life I felt comfortable asking all kinds of sex questions to. Relatives don’t necessarily work.

Minors need five adults they can trust. If one of those adults is open and honest about sex, we could have a whole new generation of liberated, educated, young people. I work a lot with teenagers, and we’ve had numerous discussions about what a difference it would make in their lives if sex were a typical dinner conversation topic. Not their parents’ sex lives, per se, but the idea that it’s okay to ask questions and to learn.

Most of us are totally unaware that there is the possibility of non-monogamous romantic and/or sexual relationships until we are into our twenties. A friend of mine differs greatly in her sexual practice. I am so grateful for her candid nature, and I know that I can ask her anything and get a response that I can understand and relate to. I think this is really important when we are talking about sex with anyone.  And this is why I am writing this blog. Hopefully, readers will take this all at face value, and further investigating into whatever suits your fancy … literally 😉

3 comments on “Let’s Talk About Sex

  1. It’s real good I found your web site. You are right if adults are more open and honest about sex, we could have a whole new generation of educated, young people. Less pregnant teenager if they use condoms. Also condoms are the most efficient way to protect ourselves against STIs. So let’s wrap it up and enjoy our healthy sex lives.

  2. Ravan
    May 21, 2016

    Hi! I’ve never tried analsex and never I will. I just want to know is anus erougenous zone for women? Thanks!

    • j.shelds
      September 21, 2016

      Great question! There are a lot of nerve endings in and around the anus, which means that some people find it very pleasurable. It requires a LOT of lubricant and slow movement to start to be safe. The prostate is inside the anal cavity of those with a penis, and the pleasure is very real when safely stimulated. The best thing to do is ask a partner if they want to try anal.

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