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Feel the feels

I’m single. We broke up. We ended our relationship. These are all things I’ve been saying to people recently, and the reactions are fascinating. Many say ‘What happened?’ Some say ‘Are you okay?’ Fewer say ‘Let’s hang out!’ I have to assure people that I’m okay because it was the right decision for both of us. I thought we’d be together for a stupidly long time, but turns out that we want different things in life. And that’s okay! Really.

So now I have feelings. Well, I always have feelings. So many feelings. I am gaining clarity and insight. I am intrigued, uplifted, confused. My focus, as always, is on being loving. Processing, and feeling, without judgment is really important. My very wise and wonderful friend reminded me “Let the heart take you away and let the mind structure things later when you’re ready for that.” I needed this reminder, because I am trained to analyze feelings and figure out where they are coming from. So here I am. Sitting. Feeling the feels.

For too long I fit myself into a box for someone else, and now I am breaking free. I will be silly, and wild, and passionate, and vibrant. I will say yes; do what feels good and right. I am done fitting in; I was born to stand out. I will try new things. Be bold. I will not allow fear to take hold, as it is wont to do.

I am too old to take shit, and too young to be stagnant. I will use my power to bust down doors, kickin ass and takin names. I will not be silent. I will listen and learn, not claiming that I know best – except about myself. I will love. Fiercely. And I will put myself in harm’s way when it means protecting those around me.

This world is so fucked up, in so many ways. Let us be beacons of light and love. Let us rejoice in the awkward hilarity while being better than our forebears. Let us push past our comfort zones, into the uncomfortable and vulnerable.

Do good. Be good. Be better. This, is my fight song.

Speaking of fight songs, please share any super motivating, uplifting, awesome songs/playlists. I love ’em all!

4 comments on “Feel the feels

  1. Nikki
    November 2, 2016

    Love this Juls. Sending love from across the oceans. 😘

    • j.shelds
      November 4, 2016

      Love you right back, Nikki Nikki!!

  2. Naryan
    November 3, 2016

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