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8 Month Recap

The last 8 months have been a whirlwind and I feel like it’s important to recap the months of radio silence.

In September I moved, and it was the best thing for my monogamous relationship. I had been living with my love, in his house, and was miserable. I now have lots of sunlight, a tea wall/cabinet, female roomies who are great conversationalists, a dishwasher, and an en suite half bath.

In September I also started a post-grad diploma in Sexuality, Marriage, and Family at St. Jerome’s University – part of the University of Waterloo. I have taken 5 classes out of 10, and have loved every single one. My profs are engaging and interesting humans. My classes are full of people who are interested, involved, and can have lively intelligent discussions. The subject matter is 100% sexuality related; I am learning so much and expanding my horizons. I am hopeful that my writing will reflect this, and have a tonne of post ideas from my classes.

I started working as a bra-fitting specialist at a lingerie store. I love my coworkers, and am so psyched to help people feel better about their bodies and wear bras that do what they’re supposed to. I’ll be writing a whole post about my experiences at the bra store later.

September was a busy month and I experienced a breakup that lasted 12 hours. 12 very intoxicated and severely hungover hours; talk about a reluctant roller coaster. If my love is alright with me writing about it, there will definitely be an upcoming post.

In October I began volunteering with Planned Parenthood Waterloo Region. Cha-ching! I am part of the Peer Theatre Education Team. We are invited into various organizations within the region to perform a short 7-scene play about a variety of sexuality-related situations teenagers may find themselves in. We run through it twice: once through, and a second time when the audience can stop us and either come onstage or give suggestions as to how to change the scene. I have found it to be powerful, helpful, and rewarding. Plus, getting to play a drunken teenage lesbian who talks smack about her girlfriend? I’ll take it!

My life reached a happy stability in November: lots of laughter, love, and good stress. I even treated myself to a day at the spa in February. My boss also pointed out that I had lost weight., which kind of blew my mind because I don’t have a lot that I could lose and I hadn’t been trying, but I noticed that a bunch of my clothes don’t fit the same way. Weird that it took my boss noticing for me to recognize that I had lost 5-8 pounds. Working retail and going to school made a big difference in my overall physical health: walking quickly for 20 minutes a day has a significant impact on one’s body. For me, that means walking to and from the bus stop. COOL.

Then, during Reading Week, I saw my mom for the first time in a while and, because of her dementia, she had no idea who I was. About a week later I freaked out about marriage and kids. Luckily, my Dear recognized that I was probably upset about something else and was taking it out on him (because I’m unsure of and certainly not ready for either of those super huge life things) so I was given the space to freak out and then come to the realization that I’m terrified of what’s going on with my mother… this is what some might call ‘projecting’. Props to my love for giving me that space and props to me for coming to that realization; twas a big one!

Life is awesome, even when not everything is going how we think it should. Being grateful for little things each day has made a huge difference in my overall happiness. For example, the Planned Parenthood theatre team had a community fundraiser in which we presented our play to the community at large. The goal was for 100 people to come, and we had maybe 15 show up – most of whom were family. Womp womp. But the highlight of the night for me was when my 69-year-old father got onstage with us to play a 16-year-old girl standing up for herself at a party. Way to go, Pops! I was grateful that he came onstage, that I got to act in front of my friends and family again, and that there were delicious and hilariously decorated cookies that night.

Well, it’s April now. I have become addicted to David’s Tea and Netflix, I work full time at the bra store because my school year is done, and my monogamous relationship is wondrous. I am happy in my home, which makes a HUGE difference to my mental and physical wellbeing; so much so that my seasonal depression was limited to a few days here and there as opposed to months. I have made some great friends at school and work, and I am still making an effort to see my Book Club Girls about every 6 weeks. I am so grateful for so many things in my life: people, experiences, physical things, and feelings. I’ve even taken to writing 3 things I am grateful for as my Facebook status each day (or, most days). It’s incredible how much of an impact the gratitude has had not only on me, but on many others, too. Gratitude: it’s in you to give.


2 comments on “8 Month Recap

  1. Cindo
    April 22, 2015

    Thanks for sharing your journey! You are a brilliant Light; a Beacon!! Keep living in your Light ~ others are infused by it!!

  2. Stefanie
    April 22, 2015

    So happy for you!!!

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