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Kissing Strangers

This video , First Kiss, has been making the rounds through a vast variety of sources. If you don’t want to click the link, here is a brief synopsis: 20 strangers are coupled together to make out and be filmed. There seem to be a lot of comments as it gets shared around, mostly about how beautiful and wonderful the short film is.

I wanted more. Here are my questions:
Where did she (the artist/director) find these folks?
Was it difficult to find people willing to kiss complete strangers?
What was the screening process for the people filmed?
Why film strangers kissing?
What direction did she give them?
Was there an aim for diversity? If yes, what was it? If no, why not?
What was the goal?

My take: it’s a sweet project because I like seeing different reactions and connections, but I wish that when artists post on Youtube they give some kind of description as to their reasoning behind such a project. I also have to guess that the attractiveness of each of the participants and their subsequent make-out sessions factored in greatly.
What is the point of filming strangers kissing? What are your thoughts on the video?


2 comments on “Kissing Strangers

  1. Taylor
    March 12, 2014

    I felt an effort was made to include diversity. I mean there were two same sex couples and one couple with an obvious age difference, but I think the artist could have done much more. For the most part the individuals involved are primarily caucasian.
    Definitely intrigued about the screening process!
    You asked: “Was it difficult to find people willing to kiss complete strangers?” Excellent question! Furthermore, I want to know if it was easier once they were told it would be for artist’s film project?
    As for the goal of the project, I’m not sure if there is one. Or if there is, maybe the artist has a goal but wants you to discover your own meaning in the piece. I really enjoyed the video because of the way it captured the adorable-awkwardness prior to and then relaxed comfort upon kissing. Maybe that was the goal, maybe not. Either way, social behaviour is absolutely fascinating to me.
    Fun fact: Soko, the singer in the song used, is one of the kissers.

    Wow. Upon reading the posted link above, it pretty much just destroyed the piece for me.

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