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I’ve Got a Heart On

Today is Valentines Day, or Heart Day as I like to call it – a day of love and romance popular in the US & Canada. I want to speak very briefly on this topic. In speaking with a number of people, I have come to some conclusions:

  1. Most of us are fairly hypocritical about the day: it’s a love/hate relationship.
  2. It is now a “Hallmark holiday” = commercialized to the nth degree, thus creating all kinds of pressure to have an incredible night. Moreover, due to this, flowers and chocolate and a card seem to be expected by at least one person on the date.

There is a lot of pressure for Heart Day: food, sex, alcohol, flowers, chocolates, good conversation that will increase connection and intimacy, getting dressed up, spending a lot of money, exchanging meaningful gifts, etc. It seems to me that most women in romantic relationships want quality time and romance, which seem to often be missed: “Chocolates are waxy, flowers die, and I’m not 12 so don’t want a stuffed bear. Dinner would be nice.”

Society has told us that February 14 is the one time to spend a lot of effort and preparation to show you care, and then you’re scot-free until the next year. News flash: WE ARE SOCIETY. If the majority of adults decide that February 14 is not a special day, it’s not. It is super difficult to break away from these ingrained ideas, but if gay marriage is being legalized in different parts of the world, evidently we are capable of making big changes. I’m not saying that we should, simply that we have the capability.

Personally, I like the idea that we’re all encouraged to share our love with others in the winter (when it’s cold and dark), though I think we should get better at spreading love of all kinds at all times. The world needs more love. So, love on, friends! Love thyself, love thy neighbour, love thy family, love thy friends, love thy partners. SPREAD THAT SHIT LIKE WILDFIRE, and these links might help.


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