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A Love Letter

To my one and only, THANK YOU

Thank you for saying you’re proud of me for little things, like going to early morning yoga.
Thank you for doing the dishes.
Thank you for taking me to the ER, and staying. Concussions suck.
Thank you for wanting to travel with me, and actually following through.
Thank you for cuddles.
Thank you for being so patient with all of my antics.
Thank you for offering to pay for birth control.
Thank you for supporting my decisions, for listening when I’m upset, and for staying calm when we argue.

Thank you for doing your best to make me comfortable in your home.
Thank you for responding with “why are you asking me?” when I discuss travel plans.
Thank you for telling me when you’re frustrated or I’m being grumpy.
Thank you for appreciating and participating in my silliness.
Thank you for showing me your nerdiness.
Thank you for making me feel so loved.
I miss you when you’re not around, but I know we would be super frustrated with each other if never apart.

You are somehow able to make me feel so well taken care of, while allowing me to be independent.
Thank you for being on my team.
Thank you for being publicly affectionate, but not over the top.
Thank you for the hello, goodbye, good morning & goodnight kisses.
You make me feel safe, cared for, and so loved.

I know that even when we argue, it won’t last long; I’m never worried about you storming off and not coming back.
Your family is so welcoming, which means so much to me.
Thank you for not going to bed angry, for putting effort into our relationship, and for allowing me to make plans for us.

I always thought people sounded really silly when they said “I’ve found the one; I feel like the luckiest person in the world; it’s so right and great.” Well… pot meet kettle. I am madly in love and have never felt so secure in my insecurities. It totally weirds me out to have found a perfect match, who wants the same things I do, is unbelievably accommodating and supportive, and … oh wait. Is this what a healthy relationship is like? Hot damn. Life changed.


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