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Halloween is today.

For all the people decidedly dressing up in very little clothing for a costume, Mean Girls salutes you:

mean girls

When I told my partner I was going to say something about Halloween, he said “Oh. You mean Slut-o-ween” …. hmm. Interesting. I would like to make note that I am not condoning nor dismissing the idea of wearing lingerie as a costume. If you want to, go for it.

Before you head out wearing very little, I’d like you to think of 3 things:

1) What is the message you are trying to send? If you want people to ogle your goodies – have at it. But be aware of it, and if you’re uncomfortable with something, get the hell outta there.

2) If you are somewhere that is cold, please be smart. See? Even Mean Girls wear tights with their lingerie. Ain’t nobody got time for pneumonia.

3) Check out this fantastic slam poetry by 4 teens about Halloween. They’re super great:

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