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The Boobie Book

An artist in the UK created “The Great Wall of Vagina”: plaster molds of 400 vaginas. His goal is/was to show that every vagina is different and beautiful in the hope of deterring women from the #1 growing surgery in the UK:  labiaplasty. I would like to do the same for breasts.
I am creating a book of breast portraits to show that all women are different and beautiful. My goal is to have at least 100 women send me high resolution photos of their chests from various angles. I am looking for various sizes, shapes, ages, colours, etc. Right now, 10 women have sent me photos and a brief description of what the experience was like for them.
Some have chosen to take the photos on their own, while others have asked someone else to take their photos. I ask for 5 photos from 5 angles. It is proving to be trickier to find women willing to participate than I imagined.  Many have said they will send photos, and there is a lot of support from both genders, but I still only have 10.
So, I am asking for anyone who wishes to participate in the book to send photos to Take photos of yourself or others, and share the idea with women you know. It is incredibly empowering and liberating to be part of this book. Plus, asking a partner “hey, wanna take pictures of my chest?” can be fantastic foreplay 😉


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