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Scent Attraction

Scents are incredibly powerful. According to Psychology Today, middle-aged men and women who wear pleasant smelling cologne or perfume tend to be more agreeable than those who do not. I suppose this is likely because scent can be one of many factors attributed to self-confidence. I know that personally, on the rare occasion I wear perfume, I feel more confident, poised, and sexier. I’m sure it is those qualities I exude that lead to me being approached or approaching others, rather than it just being about the scent of my perfume.
Fun fact: heterosexual men are super attracted to the scent of beer. I would guess this is likely due to the idea that beer drinkers are low maintenance and easy going. Moreover, it’s easy to start up a conversation about beer with someone who is also drinking a beer, and it’s far easier to buy cheap drinks for those we are attracted to (as opposed to more expensive mixed drinks or hard liquor). These reasons are pure speculation on my part, but it makes sense, right?
Lots of research has been done about the power of smell and scents. Sometimes we are, or are not attracted to someone and can’t figure out why. This is because we seem to have a hard time understanding the smells we are exposed to. Elizabeth Svoboda writes about the power of scents in Psychology Today. She says that if the smells don’t fit, it is possible for couples to see sexual discontent and even infertility! For those who think they are attracted to the smell of sweat, fun fact: only for 20 minutes does sweat smell attractive, after that, it’s just gross! So, find people at the gym who have just started sweating.
Although there’s been a tonne of research, it is actually the illusion of the scent mixed with our understanding of how we behave differently with a lil social lubrication that can make a difference. Some researchers put a lot of stock in the power of scent while others give less. Psychologist Rachel Herz says “If she’s in love, he could smell like a garbage can and she’d still be attracted to him.” Seems kinda contradictory.
Moral of the story: smell matters, whether you choose to constantly cover up your natural scent or not. And, beer drinkers have a certain culture unto their own. Straight females note: if you want to pick up, grab a beer, strut your stuff and have some fun!


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