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Women in their mid-20s

TV and movies lead us to believe that our mid-twenties are going to be super glorious: we’ll have sweet jobs we love, a great group of supportive friends, hilarious family members we avoid and discuss with our friends, and live in kickass apartments in exciting cities while we decide whether to upgrade our living space before or after we get married. Then we get to be 24, and are filled with all kinds of angst because no one told us how hard it would be.
When discussing this with those in their 30s, they reassuringly say “Oh, sure, you’re 24. You’ll figure it out. It’ll get better.” Well, shit. That’s semi-reassuring, but why wasn’t I aware?! It’s nothing as awesome or easy as you think it’s going to be. If you manage to find a sweet job right out of school, good for you – that’s awesome and impressive … really. For those of us who aren’t sure how we want to spend our time, or what we want to work on, real life can be overwhelming.
We are suddenly faced with numerous options for work, home, friends, hobbies, lovers, dates, etc. Some of us have debts to pay off; some choose to follow their passions; some choose to make as much money as possible. We are all struggling in different ways to figure out what works for us. And no one tells you how hard and stressful it all is. So now I am.
Every single choice is up to you. You have to make time for things, for people. Sure, you can ask for advice, but literally everything costs time and money (even if you’re sitting at home all day) so you need to choose how you’re going to spend your time. In your mid-twenties, you are likely to face the following: Should I go back to school? Which city should I live in? Which job(s) should I apply for, and take? Is this relationship working for me? Do I want to be friends with this person? Is the relationship benefitting both of us?
Moral of the story: every decision you make affects your life, big or small. And when you’re trying to figure out how to be happy in the real world, some of those choices will undoubtedly be terrifying. No matter what, you’ll learn from them, even if you don’t realize it right away. And yes, some mistakes have to be made a few times. And check out this rad TED talk from Meg Jay to give yourself a kick into gear.


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