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Squirting, or female ejaculation, is a relatively rare phenomenon that has been sensationalized by the porn industry. I will attempt to enlighten you.
Every woman has the ability to squirt, though many are unaware that they can. It feels like you’re going to pee, (and you might think you will), but let it happen. You may end up with an incredible orgasm or you may squirt for the first time. Female ejaculate is not like male ejaculate: it is clear, has a taste unique to each woman, and can literally shoot out or flow. Women can squirt anywhere from a Tablespoon to a Litre, and some have figured out how to squirt with minimal stimulation.
It is important to note that squirting is not synonymous with an orgasm. They may happen simultaneously but not necessarily. Some squirters squirt occasionally, while others can’t have sex without squirting. Many will chug water during sex to ensure they are able to squirt liquid because the muscular movement occurs whether there is liquid to ejaculate or not.
Female ejaculate can shoot straight up into the air, hit the wall at the end of the bed, and hit a partner square in the face. It is powerful. The muscles may also clench tight or cause a partner to be forcefully ejected from the vagina. If a woman says “we need towels”, trust her.
Sometimes squirting is accompanied by noises and/or other bodily functions. When women really let go to enjoy the full sensation, it can be virtually impossible to control our bodies. This may lead to giggling, flatulence, silly faces, odd noises, etc. Orgasms and squirting tend to take a lot of energy, so please allow for recovery time.
Bonus: since the ejaculate is pretty much water, you can let the towels dry and reuse them without having to worry about white crusty substances all over your towels. They should still be washed but you can wait until the 3rd use or so. You could also choose not to use towels, but then your sheets will be super wet.
When the lady can’t have sex without squirting, sex in public can become difficult. She would always need to carry a second set of clothes and a plastic bag for the wet ones, and can’t be concerned about someone slipping on the movie theatre floor or wherever. Or, if it’s raining and warm enough. wear a dress/skirt for easy access and not get cold. But having sex in a car? This only works if you’ve lined the car with a dozen towels. No matter what, it always requires a little extra planning.
A woman who squirts may not squirt every single time, and may not always be super wet. We all need to be hydrated, so have a jug of water and lube nearby. Asking for lube means you want the sex to be better. There is no shame in that.
And ladies, if you’re with someone who’s never been with a squirter, you need to disclose. It can be quite a shock, especially if someone’s face is right there and/or they’ve never experienced it. Be prepared for newbie laughter: some people laugh when they don’t know how else to respond. Encourage a greater understanding/exploration of how your body responds before shoving a face down there. We don’t want anyone drowning!
Squirting is great and natural. It has been commandeered by the porn industry, so hear this: you are NOT a slut if you squirt. You are a woman in touch with her body. Embrace is, flaunt it if you want to – but don’t be ashamed.


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    May 21, 2014

    Very good info. Lucky me I came across your site by accident (stumbleupon). I’ve saved it for later!

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